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    Concussion Awareness and Recovery

    First and foremost we take concussions VERY seriously! If your child takes a knock to the head through contact with another player or the ground we WILL take them out of the match and evaluate them. It is VERY unlikely they will return to play in that match. Concussions sometimes take a bit of time to present symptoms and we do not risk the health of our athletes. If he/she shows any signs we will ask you to take them to a medical doctor as soon as possible.

    Return to Play: If a player is diagnosed with a concussion we adhere to the return t play guidelines recommended by the CDC. It is a process that takes some and we will work with our Sports Medicine experts in getting players ready at the appropriate time.

    Protective Head Bands: We recommend all players wear a protective headband to help reduce the chance and level of severity of concussions. We wear shin guards and it seems a bit silly that we don’t wear protective headgear. The sooner we can get the kids in the habit of wearing the protective gear the better. Start early! Wanderers have a relationship and discount program for players with UnEqual Halo. Please ask us for the discount code if you don’t already have it!

    CDC Head’s up Course: We recommend that ALL parents take the CDC Head’s Up Online Concussion Training Class. It doesn’t take long and is well worth the time!