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    Loyalty Program

    Please see below for information regarding the various aspects of our Loyalty Program for 2020-2021. If you have any questions regarding specifics please contact us.

    Wanderer for Life: One a Wanderers always a Wanderer. A roster spot is secure as long as you continuously stay a member of the club in good standing. Our philosophy prioritizes long term individual development over recruiting. By investing in our platers, we are also investing in ourselves.

    What is covered? Once you register and begin playing for FWFC you will always have a place to play through U19.

    What is not covered? We can not guarantee that you will always be with the same “team.” Things change, but we will also find a place for you in our program.

    No Play, No Fee: No club member will ever be charged for a season that doesn’t get played. There is no down payment for any season until we have conformation that the season will be played. If the service isn’t rendered, the money isn’t tendered.

    What is covered? Any major component of a program that we can not service we will refund you the portion of tuition. Major components include whole seasons (think COVID-19) or cancellation of whole major components of the program. Major components would be things like league play, performance, etc. that we can not reasonably make up.

    What is not covered? Individual session cancellations like training due to weather or tournament fees when we can reasonably make up the tournament.

    Tuition Lock for Life: Be becoming a Wanderer, you lock in the 2020/2021 tuition rates for as long as you remain a continuous member of the club in good standing. Your tuition will adjust as your program format (7v7 to 9v9, etc.) changes but your rate will remain at 2020/2021 levels through U19.

    What is covered? Your tuition for the standard program will not change from current 2020/2021 prices through U19 play.

    What is not covered? Add on programs, additional tournaments, and travel are not included.

    2020/2021 Tuition rates: U9 ($1795), U10 ($1795), U11 ($2395), U12 ($2395), U13 ($2395), U14 ($2395), U15 non-High School ($2395), U15 High School ($1795), U16 ($1795), U17 ($1795), U18 ($1795), U19 ($1795)

    Member of the club in “good standing.” What does it mean? In good standing means you, player or family member, have upheld the standards of sportsmanship, behavior, and remained current with payments due the club.